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Hiking, Mountaineering or Climbing are sports that are easily practicable in the vast 75,000 hectares of the Montesinho Natural Park.

The landscape is diverse, with its lower areas being cultivated in the traditional way. Treating chestnut trees, harvesting hay, vegetable garden and raising animals are examples of activities done by hand, the plow being pulled by a donkey or an ox.

Herds of sheep are still kept and watched over by the sheepdog “Cão de Gado” Transmontano.

The higher areas are wild and with a very steep terrain, where the Iberian Wolf still prowls, despite being currently few in number. The Golden Eagle and the Wild Boar are often seen.

Lobster Perdida offers you guides for hiking, mountaineering or climbing from the moment you set foot on the street, tailored to the casual hiker or the serious enthusiast.