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MTB, Cycling or just an occasional ride?

Use one of Lagosta’s 5 mountain bikes: from small to large frames + helmets included.

Go mountain biking and enjoy the endless paths in the park that will stay in everyone’s memory: the park contains several goat paths that everyone can enjoy, from the beginner to the most serious enthusiast!

Road cycling is a joy in the park as the volume of traffic is very low and small country roads abound and can lead you between Spain and Portugal in the most beautiful circuits.

The routes can provide complete isolation, through which you are unlikely to encounter a single soul – perhaps a shepherd, unless you choose to explore the isolated villages that form part of the Park. Whichever way you choose, you will always find the various stone sculptures carved by nature itself, lichens and moss growing on the stones in the most varied ways, wild thyme and rosemary among the most varied flora, which includes chestnut trees and oaks.

Discover the secrets of flora and fauna using the library and a computer with the most varied resources that Lagosta has available.

Cycling is a very calm activity, through which you can wander along the quiet paths encountering occasional traffic, but enjoying the sport and the wonderful scenery of some of the most untouched paths in the country.